Free Picture Resizer

Free Picture Resizer 3.1

Resize any number of pictures to a custom or preset size easily

Be it to comply with the size constraints of specific picture-sharing sites, to save disk space, or to create portable versions of your best shots, Free Picture Resizer offers you a completely free solution to your resizing needs. Following a similar editing and resizing process, this tool is equally effective with just one picture or with a set of them. Its batch capabilities will create lighter versions of all your photos while preserving as much of their original quality as possible.

The program’s main interface has been designed to be used with one picture at a time, though all the editing features and the resizing options that it offers are equally available in the Batch version of the interface. You can go and change the size of the selected picture right away or perform a series of edits beforehand. The editing features provided will let you crop a specific area of the image (that you can easily select using the program’s powerful zooming capabilities), rotate it to different angles, and flip it either vertically or horizontally with just one click. You can then perform various color and lighting adjustments either to correct certain imperfections or to give your picture a different look by tweaking the contrast, saturation, luminance, hue, and brightness values. Finally, you can add your creative touch to your image by applying some of the filters provided, such as blur, grayscale, invert, or sepia.

As said, all of these functions and features are also available in the Batch version of the interface. While other image retouching or editing tools will offer you to save whatever changes you make to a picture as a custom profile that you can later use with a different image or a batch of them, Free Picture Resizer provides you with a different wizard-like interface for you to deal with batch image processing. Here you will find the same powerful tools described above and some options that are only available here, such as the possibility of renaming and converting all your images in one go. Both interfaces offer you the same list of size presets, which will let you create banners, icons, and mail- and web-optimized pictures with just one click.

Free Picture Resizer works seamlessly with BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF images, allowing you to convert between these formats easily, making this free tool perfect for all types of users, regardless of whatever experience they may or may not have of other image editing tools.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wide range of size presets
  • Edits and resizes images in batches
  • Image correction utilities
  • Allows you to apply creative filters
  • Straightforward functionality


  • No drawbacks detected
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